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#SaraReads: Poem- Life At my own pace?

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Pratichi Satpathy

Hey friends, Sara here. Let me give the perfect start to your Sunday, with 10 year old Pratichi from Bhubhaneshar asking that if life is a long race, why cant we run it at our own pace? How about taking it easy today?

#SaraReads: Poem- Life At my own pace?

Why does mom get mad?

Why don’t I always get to play with dad?

All these questions perplex me,

And now I ask, why am I me?


I’ll change my mom’s laptop password forever

And not let her know,

Sitting through monotonous online classes fill me with anger

Littering the room with the things that I, in frustration, throw.


I love my parents, oh yes I do,

But I always have to agree and accept

Their commands without further ado.


Why don’t we have lilac lavenders

And turquoise or teal turtles?

For it would be fun to name one of them Myrtle.

Blankets, bed and books is where I want to stay,

One day, I will take my brush and toothpaste and run far away.



Sitting in the library with books galore

Every time I am done, I can pick one more.

Wake up, eat quickly, have a bath

Life is a long race.

Can’t I do things at my own pace?

Playing with LEGO blocks,

Barbie dolls and soft toys was always a pleasure

These are memories that I shall forever treasure


Put down the book!

Do I look like a crook?

Your teacher will call.

These reminders just drive me up the wall.

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