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Read with Sara: Poem-Lets Recycle

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Aarshiya Agarwal

Hey there everyone, Sara here! How are we doing so close to the weekend?

Here is 8 year old Aarshiya Agarwal from Kolkata giving us a hundred reasons why recycling is the cool thing to do.

Read with Sara: Poem-Lets Recycle

There is a short tree,
That I can see.

It gives us oxygen,
And that’s what helps me to run.

The tree gives us wood and we get paper from it,
We should recycle it, and do our little bit.

Why do we throw away newspapers?
When we can save it and use it later.

We can make a paper box,
Or maybe a paper fox!

Let’s save our earth
And make our living worth!
Lets recycle.

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