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#SaraReads: Poem- Oh!My teacher


Bookosmia Spotlight

Prachi Sharma

Sara here, everyone! We all took a little time to adjust to the new normal with COVID19, but our teachers jumped right into action and spent time learning new technology so that our learning is not hindered. Not surprising that 16 year old Prachi from Jodhpur writes this poem of gratitude to our teachers.

#GratitudeDuringCovid #LifeAfterLockdown

#SaraReads: Poem- Oh!My teacher

Dear teacher, 


Like a candle you consume yourself

To light the way for students

In classrooms you come with mirth

Which gives my interests a new birth.

You are that bright light

That illuminates the prism of my life. 


You are an arduous worker

Always ready 

To answer my questions ,

Be it a book or from life lessons. 


You are my backbone 

Who has always supported me

And when mistakes I have made

You have always corrected me. 


Under the shadow of your guidance

My little dream has blossomed.

By knowing you, I have found

My most valuable possession


My teacher,

My treasure for a lifetime.

5 Replies to “#SaraReads: Poem- Oh!My teacher”

  • Prachi

    Thank you for this publication team Bookosomia . I will look forward to share more of writings . Thank you ?

  • Poorva Tripathi

    Christina Rossetti is in process…Kudos to you for your creativity..keep playing with words…juggle with poetic devices, close your eyes and feel the things around, hear the silence of breeze, notice the sound of cricket, run behind fireflies to find a new inspiration and keep amazing us like always…

    Sky is the limit for you…

    God bless you..

    Love you treasure to the moon and Back


    • Prachi

      Thank you so much didi …. I will try my level best to make you feel proud . ?

  • Sanjay sharma

    Very nice prachi

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