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#SaraReads #OlympicDay: Poem- Olympic

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Jasmine Dey

Happy Olympic Day everyone! Your sports-loving friend Sara here, with this lovely poem by 9 year old Jasmine, herself  a state level badminton champion. How we miss playing and watching sport! Thanks for transporting us to the energy of a full stadium, even if only in a poem.

#SaraReads #OlympicDay: Poem- Olympic


The stadium is crowded and full,
The champions are ready to rule.
The coach says ‘give it your best shot’,
While the player thinks about strategy a lot.


Badminton, Archery, Boxing, Canoeing,
Equestrian, Fencing and Football.
Field hockey, Golf, Judo, Karate,
Rowing, Rugby sevens and all!


Athletics is filled with races, jumps and throws
While archery has arrows and bows.
And in artistic gymnastics, the vaults, floor, bars and beams,
Is equally hard as playing with hockey teams.


Imagine how proud they feel
While participating for their country and team.
So, listen O’ Olympians all over the world
When stressed and losing temper, then depend on who?
That’s right, it’s you!

So keep calm, and do just what you need to do!

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  • Sumana Saha Das

    Great job. Keep it up my dear??

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