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Read with Sara: Poem- Questions I really have to ask!

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Aagam Jain

How are we doing today folks? Your friend Sara here! 5 year old Aagam Jain from Kolkata has so many brilliant questions to ask. How many of us know all the answers? I certainly will be tuned in for the answers too.

Read with Sara: Poem- Questions I really have to ask!

There is so much to know..I have to ask!

When the dark clouds cover the sky, will it be day or night?

Why we are fighting with China ? Can we share the land..

Why water of ocean, sea, river doesnt fall in space? Mumma says our planet is always moving ….

Why numbers dont stop and what is the largest number? I want to tell my friends I have ‘ the largest number’ of toy cars…

Why we dont wear raincoat to save ourselves from tanning? While we use umbrella to save us from heat of sun…

Why there is no red light on our school bus like an ambulance? If learning is so important..

Why we are born as babies and not adults?Mumma says I ll learn when I grow up…

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