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#SaraReads: Poem- Remember to be patient

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Anushka Jain

Hi friends, Sara here! 14 year old Anushka has just the right message for us during these tough times- be patient. Sometimes that is the only way to deal with a crisis, isnt it?

#SaraReads: Poem- Remember to be patient

Poem: Remember to be patient

Remember, when ink is dropped into water

It doesn’t mix immediately,

It takes its own time to mix

And gives us a useful end product. 


Remember, a painting that inspires

Isn’t made within seconds, 

People take their time to complete it 

So that inspiration and motivation can shine in all directions. 


Remember Google, Apple and Microsoft

Weren’t made in a month.

It took years and years of hard work 

By people to bring them to the height they are now. 


Remember, we didn’t go to the moon overnight

It took hundreds of years of hard work, research and knowledge to reach there.


Remember, your mom didn’t 

Carry you for a week before giving birth,

She carried you for forty weeks enduring all the pain  

But it was worth the while. 


Remember, changes don’t come overnight

They take their own time,

So even if life is kicking hard in your stomach or pulling  you back

Don’t give up. 


An archer also pulls the arrow back

So that when he releases the arrow, 

No power in the world can stop it 

From hitting its target. 

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