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Read with Sara: Poem- The scam of exams!

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Urja Dhirwani

Hey friends, Sara here. Here is an amusing poem by 16 year old Urja from Ahmedabad about her.. ahem.. feelings for exams. Convinced that there is NO high scoring subject, she has concluded that exams are scams! What do you have to say.

Read with Sara: Poem- The scam of exams!

Everyday I study and study
But it comes out to be duddy
I am really not fond of books
I want to try my new looks !
There are a lot of chapters
I have done breakup with my adaptors
Its a scam. I really hate exams.
I am super tired
I can’t enjoy the invention of John Biard
My mother gives me almonds
So that i could shine like a diamond.
The syllabus is generally too boring
No single subject is highly scoring.
The one I hate is Math
It is the reason for my wrath.
But i love English and Science
Because it wakes up my conscience.

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