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Poem: The Ugly Mystery- Read with Sara

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Aadyot Sengupta  

Hey everyone, your best  friend Sara here!  Read this amusing poem by 11 year old Aadyot Sengupta from Bangalore. Can you help him solve the mystery?

Poem: The Ugly Mystery- Read with Sara

One day, I, a bit of a know-it-all, was passing through the city,              

When someone came to me – a mystery.


People over there asked, “Why is the sky blue?” 

And I did not have any clue.  


After that I saw a river, 

Where I noticed a cute little beaver! 

And then I felt a bit of a shiver.  


When I took him on my palm, 

He felt very, very calm. 


And when I asked him the query, 

He replied that he was an absentee, 

During his astronomy degree. 


This was the first time in history, 

That I could not solve a mystery! 

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