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#SaraReads: Poem- Those golden classic tunes!

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Akshita Saraf

Hello lovely people, Sara here. We have read a lot of beautiful stories by kids of how they love music. But here is 13 year old  Akshita, writing on behalf of an adult about the magic music breathes in, even as we age. Check it out.

#SaraReads: Poem- Those golden classic tunes!


I can feel its rhythm and beat
And also its pulsating pain,
Its music flows complete
Through my arteries and veins.


When I hear my old Hollywood music like gold
And those golden classic tunes,
I forget I am getting old
With time, I become immune.


With my heart’s muffled beats,
As I try to keep my rhythm,
With the tapping of my feet!
Each of its lovely rhythm.

I am in the need of music that would flow
With melody, deep and clear glow.

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