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#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown Poem- When the lamp-post used to be happy

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Naishaa Bansal

Hi there, your best friend Sara is back with an endearing poem from 8 year old Naishaa Bansal from Mumbai. Ah, the time when roads would be buzzing and lamp posts lit up for a reason!

#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown Poem- When the lamp-post used to be happy

First it was so much fun

To be outside all free and wide

Now came the lockdown.


First the lamppost used to be happy , so were the roads 

And now they all are sad

Because nobody is driving or walking on them

And so are the buildings

Because they used to watch cars and bikes and people going past,

It was like a show to them 

And they watched it nice and glad. 


Now all of them are sad

We wish this would be over

Because we have to stay inside

After this is over, we would go to malls and shops

And meet friends and teachers.


I would love to go to the candy store 

But there are also good things happening in lockdown

Trees are not getting cut

The ocean is not getting polluted

So is the sky cleaning up

Oh how much fun it would be to fly high in the sky.

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