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Practice Cleanliness- Essay #Gandhi

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Advait Modi

Sara here, friends. Gandhi Jayanti is a great day for us to not only talk about Gandhiji but also inculcate some of his good habits. What is special about this simple essay by 6 year old Advait Modi from Kolkata? It is sincere, innocent and clean of any pretention- just how Gandhiji would like us to be!

Practice Cleanliness- Essay #Gandhi

One day, inspired by Gandhiji, I decided to go on a cleanliness drive.

Being a Sunday there was no school and office was also closed. Since it was a  holiday for all of us, I decided to help my parents clean the house. We divided the work.


I cleaned the house with a broom. My mother cleaned her cupboard and my  father cleaned his electronics. While cleaning with the broom, I found garbage  and trash and I put it in the dustbin.


After cleaning everything I showered and felt fresh. I played with some toys  for a while and then I put them back in the drawer. My little brother threw  some toys around the house, so I picked them up and put them back in the
shelf too, to make the place neat. I made my room clean and tidy. I was very  tired.


I drank some juice and felt better. I put back the glass in the kitchen sink. For  all the hard work I did, I got a chocolate as a reward. After eating my chocolate  I threw the wrapper into the dustbin.


We should keep our home spick and span everyday.


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