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Read with Sara: Autobiography of a pillow

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Nirav Prakash

Sara here, folks! Can you write an interesting story based on ANY theme? How about the life of a pillow? 8 year old Nirav Prakash from Kolkata takes up this challenge head on and what  a fab job he has done.

Read with Sara: Autobiography of a pillow

I am a soft cotton pillow and I was machine made at a famous pillow factory in  Washington. One day, I was sent to a big mall along with other pillows.

Suddenly, I saw a cute girl, looking at all pillows, dwelling upon the idea of buying one. She quickly picked me up.

She took me home and would go into deep slumber every time she would
cuddle me for a nap. I was very happy, whenever she had a party at her
place, she would always pick me to play her party games.

With the passing of time, I was scared that once I am old, dirty and torn, she
would throw me out.


But she mended me and took good care of me. And when she couldn’t anymore, she gifted  me to her daughter, who like her mother kept me fluffy, clean and soft always.


I was fortunate that she bought me.

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