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Read with Sara: From a drop, to a delight! #IceCreamDay


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Ananya Jayakrishnan

Happy Ice Cream Day everyone, Sara here! Yes, there is such a thing as Ice Cream Day! Havnt I given you the perfect excuse to treat yourself to one. And while you are at it, dont miss reading this yummy essay by 10 year old Ananya from Kochi on how a milk drop transforms into a delightul ice cream!

Read with Sara: From a drop, to a delight! #IceCreamDay

Once there was a drop of milk called Milky. She lived in a container with other drops of milk. One day she slipped into another container, it was shaking so  much that she got sick. After a pretty long time, it stopped shaking.


Milky was transferred into another container. It was very cold. Suddenly lots of sugar fell on her and she was startled. Then Vanilla fell on her and finally she  was showered with lots of Choco Chips!

Suddenly the temperature turned freezing cold! She was then scooped out of the container. She flew into a cone and that was a very fun filled flight.

Voila! She had turned into an ice-cream!!

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