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Read with Sara: Poem-BDG (Big Disgusting Giant)


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Shifa Zahra Touseef

Hi there everyone, your best friend Sara here. Ready for a good laugh?Make way for some first class kids’ humour, in this amusing poem by 8 year old Shifa from Lucknow.

Read with Sara: Poem-BDG (Big Disgusting Giant)

Being friends with a giant

Is my greatest fear

Especially if the big man has diarrhea.


He may be a big friendly fella

But I have to stand under an umbrella.

Its no fun, I can tell you

Being washed away in a river of poo.


I am scared of drowning in a big smelly stink

So I ask you all to carefully think,

If your friend is a giant, don’t think its funny

To invite him to tea and feed him spicy curry.

2 Replies to “Read with Sara: Poem-BDG (Big Disgusting Giant)”

  • smtauseef


  • Amina

    Hilarious! Well done !
    Just like your mum you have the imaginative and a creative mind

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