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River- A timeless gift

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Pooja. S

Hey everyone, Sara here. While World Rivers Day was celebrated a few weeks back, the river in itself is a timeless gift for us.  Read this lovely tribute to rivers, by 12 year old Pooja. S from Chennai.


Pooja is a student of NSN Memorial Senior Secodary School, Chennai.

River- A timeless gift

Hello friends,

I want to share my thoughts on the word ‘river,‘ on the back of the recently celebrated World River‘s Day on 27 September.


To me the word river is synonymous with ‘peace.’  On the river side, not only  is the river beautiful but so are the dancing trees, the wonderful birds and the butterflies around it, the bluish sky above and the new plants taking roots- all of god’s creation!  All these make the river more peaceful and destresses anyone around it.


Nowadays people are not going outside at all to see such a relaxing  creation!!!


Whenever I go to the river, I just close my eyes and I feel so happy. I feel as if I haven’t lost anything, my stress goes off.  And I feel that I am also a part of this wonderful creation.


The sound of the river makes me peaceful.

A small advice to all of my friends- Please don’t miss this chance to make yourself happy, relaxed, stress free and more comfortable. It is a beautiful gift, and I cant express my self enough to tell you about it.


It is also our responsibility to save this creation. So be happy and feel healthy by breathing such healthy air, as you get by the river side!


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