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Sara Chats: “I wish more and more young people come forward and write,”says Binu Mathew, founding editor of

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Hey everyone, here is an extremely inspiring read for all of us young readers, writers and our parents. A powerful message from Binu Mathew, founding editor of the award-winning, with 1.5 million pages read every month and winner of 2018 Solidarity Media award for ‘its courageous interventions in upholding Human Rights and Citizen’s Rights.’

Read what he has to say, mull over it and send in your submissions on recent social issues to me.

Sara Chats: “I wish more and more young people come forward and write,”says Binu Mathew, founding editor of

Sara: Hi Binu. You have founded and given 18 years of your life to that has published over 50,000 articles, fact finding  reports, research papers and news items on major social issues around the  world. Do you think there has been any significant changes in the world of  writing in all these years?



Binu: The answer is YES and NO.

People are becoming aware about these social issues more and more. There are protests around the world for just living conditions. Without protesting against unjust world order we can’t achieve anything. I believe Countercurrents has played a very minor part in making people aware about these issues. Our motto is “Educate! Organize! Agitate!” It is heartening to see more and more agitations around the world.

To give one example, when Countercurrents started in 2002, global warming/ climate change was not a major news in media. In 2002, CO2 level in the atmosphere was 370 ppm (parts per million). In spite of all our writings and campaigns CO2 level has continued to grow. Now it is 410 ppm. However, the campaign initiated by Greta Thunberg has been well received by the youngsters around the world and they are campaigning with her. We’ve seen rallies around the world led by school  and college going students. It is really heartening. Having said that, we have a lot of work to do make our planet liveable for future generations.



Sara: is read by about half a million people every month and about 1.5 million pages are read by readers each month. What do you think is driving this pull of readers?


Binu: First of all Countercurrents doesn’t publish articles for clicks. We publish articles to tell the truth. To be a voice of the voiceless.

Second thing is that we cover a lot of issues ignored by the mainstream media. You know that mainstream media is a for profit business enterprise.  Everywhere they look for profit. Countercurrents is not looking for profit. It is run by small contributions given by its readers.

Third is our work ethic. We try to keep our inbox clean. We don’t wait on an article for days/weeks/months. If the article has quality, it is published immediately. We also keep a healthy relationship with our writers.



Sara: Do you think it is important to listen to young voices (<18 years) on important matters? How can it be achieved?


Binu: Yes, it is very important. They are the future of the world and as we see the world shaping up, their future does not look too bright. This is not the judgment of an old man. That’s what Greta Thunberg and her compatriots are saying. Listen to them, join their campaign for a better world.

As for Countercurrents, we have published articles from High School students to Nobel Prize winners. It is the quality of the insight the particular article gives  that determines the criterion for publication. I wish, more and more young people come forward and write for CC.



Sara: It is often said that passion blurs our objectivity while good writing skills may lack enthusiasm. What is your advice to young writers to create meaningful balance?


Binu: Read a lot. It will give you a perspective on what is good writing. Fine writing by itself is not worthy enough, it must have something insightful for the reader. For that one needs to have knowledge and experience. Young writers can write from their own experience about how they perceive the world, how they want the future should be, how underprivileged children live in this world, how children in conflict areas live etc.

More than writing, it is important to do small activities around you.  Planting food trees can be big beneficial activity for you and the entire humanity. The tree will grow up with you cleaning the planet and also will give you fruit when you grow up.


Are you inspired to observe, absorb and make a change? Share your views on recent social issues with me as detailed below and we would love to present the select ones to Binu and Countercurrents.

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