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#SaraChats: What you should know about your kids digital games? With Kinshuk, Founder of gaming company HASHSTASH

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Hey. Everyone’s new best friend here, Sara. Not just for kids but also their parents! Lock down means a lot more digital games time for the kids, right? What is safe and what is not? Kinshuk, founder of gaming company HASHSTASH that has clients like Byju’s shares some advice.

#SaraChats: What you should know about your kids digital games? With Kinshuk, Founder of gaming company HASHSTASH

Sara: Hi Kinshuk. Every other child is turning to digital games in the lockdown. Is there any positive impact of these games?

Kinshuk: Yes, games have a lot of positive impact. They are fun, engaging and interesting to play, and thus games can be used as very effective learning tools. You must have heard of companies like Byju’s, CueMath, SimpliLearn, etc – all of them are part of the Ed-Tech Industry – where games are used to teach different subjects like science and math. Games are also great at building imagination skills, reflex and motor skills, they give a safe environment for curiosity and storytelling. Strategy and simulation games are great genres to explore different aspects of the world we live in and learn a lot more about it.

Sara:  How popular are digital games in India? With a lot of Ed tech companies turning to games for learning purposes, do you see changing trends?

Kinshuk: Games are a very popular medium in India, and it is growing by leaps and bounds every year. It is estimated that almost 30 crore people play games in India, and in the next two years this number is expected to grow to 45 crores. With the widespread acceptance of Ed-Tech companies, and with the advent of faster networks Jio and upcoming 5G, data connections are becoming more efficient and affordable bringing more people to gaming. Game technologies are now being actively used in different industries like Automobile, Architecture, Movies, Education, Sociology, Economics, etc. Some very exciting times lie ahead of us.

Sara: Digital games are quite addictive. What are some of the things we should be cautious about when playing them?

Kinshuk: Discipline and balance are very important. Games are addictive because they are very engaging. Maintaining a balanced amount of time for playing games is important. I would recommend young children to play for not more than 30 mins in one go, and not for more than 2-3 hours/ day cumulative. It is okay to play all kinds of game, but make sure kids avoid topics and content not suitable for them like gore, violence, etc. I will encourage children to play a lot more of strategy and simulation games.

Sara: Can you recommend a few safe games for young minds? 

Kinshuk: Games by Toca Boca are great games for young children. The Endless series is also a great collection of games for kids.

About Kinshuk Sunil: Kinshuk is the founder of one of India’s premier game development studios HASHSTASH and has provided solutions to organisations such as Byju’s, Glance, Microsoft, SmartVizX, Hike, OYO Hotels, and WWF India. His products have won multiple international design awards and recognitions. Over the last 10 years he has helped shape India’s gaming industry by organizing Asia’s oldest game jam – BYOG, and curating the India Game Developers Awards and the India Game Developer Conference. He has been a contributor to many open source projects including Firefox, WordPress, Drupal, GNOME, Wikipedia amongst others.

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