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#SaraReads: Essay- Cousins are family, but also your closest friends

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Ninaad Deswandikar

Hi there friends, Sara here. Here is such a warm, loving essay by 15 year old Ninaad from Germany on the value of cousins- that perfect mix of family and friend. I certainly miss some of my favourite cousins after reading this.

#SaraReads: Essay- Cousins are family, but also your closest friends

Cousins are family but more importantly they are your best friends. They  love  you no matter what and they are always there for you. I know my cousins do!


We have fun together, we cry together and we laugh together. A cousin is that  one family member you can tell everything and anything to. I have many  cousins and we have fun all the time. Whether we are in different cities or  under the same roof, the laughter never dies. My cousins will always hold a  special place in my heart, even when we grow up and grow apart. They have  created many of my most memorable childhood memories.


Our trips to the amusement park, Wonderla, are something I will never forget.  Every time they visited us in Bangalore, a trip to Wonderla was a must and it always will be, no matter how old we are. Going on the roller-coasters and eating ice cream at the small ice cream shops are some of the best childhood memories.


They taught me many life lessons, and those I will never forget. One of them is that hard work always pays off, my elder cousin brother Rishabh, or as I call  him Rishabh Dada, worked and studied very hard during his school boards and now he is in one of the top colleges in India. My cousin sisters Richa Tai, Meeta Tai and Nivi Tai have all taught me creativity and to follow your passion no  matter what. My two paternal cousins, Isha Tai and Vandu Tai, have taught me how to love and how to have fun. Cousins are always there for you and always help you. Their role in your life is inimitable.


Cousins are the best of both worlds, they’re friends and they’re family. When I think of the memories and the moments of fun, it puts a smile on my face.  Maybe we don’t talk or see each other as often, but those memories will go on to live forever in my heart.


I would like to end with a quote, “ God made us cousins because he knew our mothers could not handle us as siblings.” I have, do, and will love my cousins forever.

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  • Vilas Bhansali

    Wonderfully expressed feelings. Cousins are family and friends is an excellent tag line.

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