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#SaraReads: Essay- Learning has not stopped. Thank you, online classes.

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Ahram Patni

Sara here, everyone! From being skeptical about it to exploring its advantages, online classes have taken up our time, effort and thoughts. 6 year old Arham from Kolkata shares his brilliant well rounded take on online classes. What do you think? Share with me at

#SaraReads: Essay- Learning has not stopped. Thank you, online classes.

There is a pandemic called Covid 19, so we can’t go outside the house. So we  have started attending online classes. These classes are a lot of fun and I  enjoy them.

I have been doing my school, creative writing class, math and religious classes  online. Everyday at 12 pm, my sister and I do a religious class which my  grandmother takes from Kerala. One of the good thing about these classes is that anyone, anywhere can join these classes.


The first few days the teachers were very doubtful about the classes. It is  impossible to be detained in class for not finishing work. But attending classes online has made me a computer savvy person.


Another big advantage is that we don’t need to get up early in the morning and get ready for school. So much of time is saved by not travelling to classes, we are using this time to play with our family.

I miss my school, meeting friends, class room and teachers a lot. But even  though it is lockdown, learning has not stopped .

I have started enjoying these classes now.

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