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#SaraReads: Essay- Life has changed, but I am still happy

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Rishika Jhunjhunwala

Hey everyone! Sara here. Sometimes all we want is for people to keep it simple. 7 year old Rishika from Kolkata does just that, and beautifully when she says “life has changed but I am still happy.”

#SaraReads: Essay- Life has changed, but I am still happy

Essay #LifeAfterLockdown

I have not gone to school since the last sixty days due to the coronavirus lockdown. I loved going to school and meeting my friends every day. We all study online now. Sometimes my friends and I video call each other.


Both my parents stay with me in the house all day. My mother teaches me  English, Hindi, maths and EVS at home. My father plays games with me. I miss my friends and our class teacher Mrs.Dhawan.


In the evening, I go to the terrace to water the plants and do some exercise  while watching a video on my mother‘s mobile. My mother has shown me videos of poor and hungry people walking on the road. I feel lucky to have food to eat.


I pray to God every day that the lockdown gets over soon and the poor children get food. My father and I read a story book every night before bedtime. Life has changed but I am still happy. 

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