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#SaraReads: Essay-Nature can talk, can you hear it?

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Hello folks, Sara here. We often hear, “If you listen closely, you can hear nature talk.” Ever thought if that were literally true? 10 year old Kanishka from Chennai did and wrote this lovely story. What do you think nature would have to say to you?

#SaraReads: Essay-Nature can talk, can you hear it?

One day, I woke up in the morning and went outside. Suddenly, I heard a sound in the surroundings. It was the tree!

I was shocked. My mother always says nature talks to us in ways we don’t  understand but here I was able to! It seemed like the tree was groaning so I  got a bucket of water and poured it in the root of the tree.

The tree said , “Thank you my dear.”

Surprisingly, I heard another sound. It was a flower.

“Come here, child. Come here.” Then I went close to the flower. The flower said, “I am happy to see you because you are kind to nature and you water me daily so I am happy to give you flowers daily.”

“Thank you very much flower,” I said.

Again I heard a sound in the surroundings. I searched everywhere but there  was no one around me. Then I heard a sound upwards. I looked up and realized  a cloud in the sky was calling me. The cloud said that I looked kind and asked  me  if it could give me a gift.

I told the cloud that this year there was no rainfall. “If you can give good rainfall then the yield will be better.” The cloud replied, “ I will fulfill your wish.”


As I walked home, the first drops began to fall down. I was very happy.


Mother  was right. If we are kind to nature then nature will give us everything.

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