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#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Count your blessings

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Akshita Saraf

What is the best approach to see through this lockdown and Covid crisis. “Count your blessings, not your crosses,” says  12 year old Akshita Saraf in this beautiful poem. Read on to lift yourself up.

#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Count your blessings

Count your blessings

Count your blessings not your crosses

Count your gains not your losses


Count your friends not your foes

Count your joys not your woes

Count your full years not your leans

Count your kindness not your means


Count your blessings

Name them one by one

And you will be surprised

What the god has done


Count your smiles not your tears

Count your courage not your fears


Count your health not your wealth

Count on God not on yourself


Count on the victims of Corona

Soon all those will fly

Soon Corona virus will go

And everything will be alright


Count your blessings

And thank god for it.

             -AKSHITA SARAF, Age: 12

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