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#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid : Hello to Wordplay and Gurgaon’s creative kids

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Soumi Duttagupta

Hey, Sara here. Very excited to say hello to my new Gurgaon friends. Thanks to Soumi Duttagupta for grooming kids to write and express themselves through Wordplay.

#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid : Hello to Wordplay and Gurgaon’s creative kids

In the time of Corona

Life today feels unrecognizable from how it was just two months back. With the deadly sickness hovering over the world coupled with a frustrating caged life, the tweens and the teens are grappling in the Corona crisis in their own ways.

WORDPLAY founded by  Soumi Duttagupta, is a collective of various writing programs that mentors writers across age groups to effectively express their thoughts in words.

WORDPLAY conceptualized a series called “In the time of Corona” for it’s young writers to express their feelings during these uncertain, overwhelming times that have punctuated their normal life. Bookosmia is happy to publish their voices for the world to hear.

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