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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: A pop of COVID

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Zyna Dhillon

Hey everyone. Sara here! I am so excited today to share this super fun poem by my 13 year old friend Zyna, all the way from Amritsar. Loved the mix of movies, trivia and facts and she surely knows some big words! Read on…

#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: A pop of COVID

Scientists hadn’t heard of it earlier.It is pretty novel and rather new.
Different aliases, many names
All of them, though, mean just the same.


A global outbreak, a deadly pandemic,
Uncannily though, such a disease was also Steven Soderbergh’s pick.
In 2011, ‘Contagion’ he directed,
A paralyzed and chaotic world a similar virus in his movie had erected.
Tom and Rita Hanks, Boris Johnson, Sophie Trudeau, among others, have
been ensnared,
People from all walks of life have been affected, no one this virus has spared.


Prince Charles, for instance, has been waiting to be coronated
But ended up getting CORONA-ated.
Over 3 million people this virus has now maimed,
But for the global outbreak of this deadly virus, who can really be blamed?


Let us go back to 2019,
When China could have tried to not let the cases careen
A seafood market in Wuhan has been traced to be the epicenter,
The first case being reported last year on 31st December.


14 days it may take for the symptoms to appear
Might initially seem like an ordinary flu but later it gets  very severe.
So, self-quarantine if you feel under the weather,
Because compared to a cure, a precaution is always better.


Social distancing, so far, is the only cure
Apart from this, wash and sanitize, keep your hands pure.
While we sit at home, in the cool air of the AC and the fan,
Let’s try to do the least we can.


Let us show our appreciation
For the brave heroes of our nation.
Doctors, nurses, policemen and so many others
Face the enemy everyday, so that we have no bothers.


Till a vaccine has been developed and a cure found,
Stay at home so that this virus doesn’t further abound.
Stay at home, stay healthy, be safe,
Protect yourselves from COVID-19’s lethal strafe.

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