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#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown: Essay- Classrooms and compassion

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Zyna Dhillon

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! 13 year old Zyna from Amritsar writes in this wonderful account of life after lockdown.  Loved how she mixes up humour with feeling and action to spur us into small yet definitive action.

#SaraReads #LifeAfterLockdown: Essay- Classrooms and compassion

COVID-19 has altered the world to such an extent that time and history should now be divided under

BCE- Before COVID-19 Era and  DCE- During COVID-19 Era

BCE- getting up early in the morning to go to school in the monotonous school uniform every single day;
DCE- virtual classes in our pajamas ( or an over- the-top chef attire worn by over-enthusiastic students for the online cooking class), with Ms. Sharma  rolling out chapattis for lunch while ironically teaching us about the French Revolution and the scarcity of food during the old regime or Mr. Grover’s daughter’s whining, serving as the background effects and music for the math class!

BCE- the backbenchers of the class used to be punished for dozing off while a  lecture was going on;
DCE- now, they turn off their cameras, mute their microphones during the  virtual classes, play Fortnite instead and get away with it!


BCE- brush your teeth twice a day and mom would be happy with how  hygienic you were;
DCE- even listening to our paranoid mothers and washing our hands a gazillion times a day isn’t hygienic enough!


BCE- source of daily dose of news- Netflix ;
DCE- NDTV, Times of India, New York Times are the most frequently used  apps.


BCE- splurging money at the school canteen;
DCE- fundraisers by students.


In these times of exigency, there is hardly  anyone or any country that is  playing the “trump” card (pun intended) of  rescinding instead of taking action  in this exigency. I  remember my father getting a call from the police followed by a home visit, inquiring about our health conditions, soon after the lockdown was imposed. My family and I had traveled to London, one of the hot spots of the virus, in the beginning of March. Although we were all thankfully in the pink of health, the thoroughness of the police made me realize the gravity of the situation.


A highly contagious virus with neither a cure nor a vaccine- that is how severe the situation really is. From being Gen Z, we have now become Gen C, Generation COVID-19, the generation that will be telling the tale of COVID-19 to their grand kids- a tale of COVID-19 playing the role of ‘Thanos’; a tale of the entire world thinking of only one thing- how certain is the certainty of the next day after all?


And hopefully, a tale of mankind edging closer to the  transformation of the  species ‘Trump’, a species that fuels fires like COVID-19 by not taking action in time, into ‘Homo Sapiens’. The times we now face are like dark clouds hovering above us, clouding the sunshine. They are a test of our resilience. It can be scary, thinking about how COVID-19 is gnawing, or rather, devouring  our world, but there is always, always a twig, if not a branch, of hope to cling on to: the silver lining of the cloud here is that COVID-19 has shown us show  dispensable mankind really is, so value what you have, pause your rushed world for a second, and you will realize that family is the greatest gift of all.


For once, spend time with your loved ones and prize them, for they are real  treasure and not pieces of gold and silver. But while we sit in the luxury and  comfort of our homes, doctors, nurses and other health care workers put us above their own families and risk their lives everyday to protect us. Let us do the least we can and show our appreciation and gratitude for the brave heroes of our nation. Even a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way and make someone’s day. As scientists race to find a cure, practicing social distancing, and of  course, listening to our over-protective but well-meaning mothers, is our best hope.


While we, the largest part of the population doing nothing at home, cannot put on scientist hats and conjure up a cure ( COVID-19 isn’t an 8 years and above Hamleys chemistry kit), we can always help those around us- donate to those  who need it ( not everyone gets a five star standard meal 3 times a day!).  Create awareness and be the change in your community because the smallest  of steps can make the biggest of differences!

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