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#SaraReads: Poem- Let Corona be offended, I dont care about it

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Hey everyone, Sara here. How is the Sunday coming along? Want to join 10 year old Enyah from Chennai as she amusingly writes down about all she would do, once the lockdown is lifted? I surely will.

#SaraReads: Poem- Let Corona be offended, I dont care about it

When lockdown has ended, Corona might be offended
But I wont care about it,
When the Government announces the lockdown is over
My day will be lit.


First, I’d go to school and see my friends
Then we’d discuss about the latest trends.
On to fun subjects like drama and dance
Because they always put me in a trance.

Then I’d play with my apartment friends and workout,
Because over the holidays I’ve grown so stout.
My Mum always says ‘less gadgets, more outdoors’
I’ll listen to her for once and say “phones no more.”

My Family and I will go to Kanyakumari,
When we get there , hope they don’t tell us to flee.
I know Corona will vanish one day
I’m hoping it never comes back to stay.

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