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#SaraReads: Poem- Orange

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Aaisha Jhunjhunwala

Hey, Sara here everyone! We have often read poems about colours  but I have never seen a young poet take to the colour Orange!

Read this upbeat poem by 8 year old Aaisha from Kolkata.

#SaraReads: Poem- Orange



Orange is a colour

Which fills our hearts with joy

Orange is a fruit

Which we love to eat.


Orange is a carrot

Which is healthy for us to eat

Orange is the flavor of my cake

Oh! How I love to bake.


Orange is the color

Of the setting sun

We like to gaze at it

When our day is done.


Orange colored marigold

That smells so sweet

It fills up our garden

Oh! What a lovely treat.

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  • Kanika Gupta

    Wow Aaisha it’s so good … keep it up ??

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