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Thank you Teachers! Poem


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Ansh Goel

Hello from your best friend Sara!  8 year old Ansh from Ghaziabad is not only a good poet but has taken his creativity a step further. Dont miss the last line of this poem appreciating teachers, who are dedicated to not make our learning take a hit, even in the lockdown.

Thank you Teachers! Poem

Poem- Thank you teachers.
Thank you teachers for
Helping us in every way,
Attending to our queries
Numerous hours you spend and
Knowledge you pass on.
You are the best
Our guiding angels,
Uplifting us always.
Touched by your love,
Efforts that you make,
Advice that you give and
Caring always.
Hats off to our teachers
Encouraging big and small.
Respect you with all my heart,
Salute to you all.
First alphabet of each line forms THANK YOU TEACHERS

5 Replies to “Thank you Teachers! Poem”

  • Rati Goel

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Arti Minotra

    May god bless you Ansh. You can make the difference in the society, you can change people around you, and you will definitely leave a mark wherever you will go. Always stay positive. Love and blessings

  • Anupriya Das

    Such little toddlers are expressing so much with and grace, honesty and sincerity in whatever they are doing in the learning phase…. We get to learn from such kids today and everyday….
    Keep it up Ansh Goel… ?? Kudos….

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