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#SaraReads: Story-The Lethal Expedition To The Devil’s Triangle

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Hey everyone, Sara here! Been a slow week? Here is a thriller story which will keep you at the edge of the seat, by 11 year old Harsh from Bangalore.

#SaraReads: Story-The Lethal Expedition To The Devil’s Triangle

One fine day, Captain Robert, a six-footed man who is wise but also adventurous,  found an old newspaper article about the ships and  planes that were apparently sunk in the Devil’s Triangle or the Bermuda Triangle.


He read it with full concentration, not caring about a single thing happening around him. After he finished reading it, he decided to gather his ship’s crew  and sail to one of the Bermuda Triangle’s end and back home. He didn’t care
about the fact that he might not return.


The following noon, he gathered his crew and packed pieces of wood, lamps, fireboxes, food and water stored in boxes and bottles respectively, gun and  gunpowder. And started to sail. His crew had few concerns given the risk but  later agreed. They started sailing North. When they first set out to sail on water, everything felt like a piece of cake to them.


That is when a storm rose. It was harsh and the wind flew towards the west which led them off track and they had several holes in the ship and couldn’t sail for long. That is when one of the crew members saw a remote island. They all got down there. Everybody panicked as if they were about to die, even  Captain Robert.  He took a minute to gather himself and decide what had to be done.The plan was to build a raft from the wood they had brought, and survive on the food and water they had brought. They were sad about the fact that  they would never meet their family for the rest of their whole life.


Captain Robert had read a book about survival in a remote forest. Along with a few of his crew members, he started to build a small shelter from the pieces of  wood that they had brought. It soon was evening. That was when the shelter was completed. The small shelter had a roof, it was a little sturdy and it  was wide enough to accompany Captain Robert and his crew.


In the night they built a fire to protect them from wild animals. They couldn’t  sleep that night as there were mosquitoes flying around them. Captain Robert knew how to make fire. He filled water from the ocean and then heated the vessel. That way he achieved purification but could not remove the salt  content of the water. But he and his crew adjusted.


Then they ventured into the remote forests with guns and gunpowder. But one of them refused to take a gun or a companion. Captain Robert left him alone.  After some time, the crew member ran into a cobra. It was six feet long. The  cobra coiled around him. Captain Robert heard a hissing sound which led him  to the area where the snake was. He shot down the cobra. But it was too late. The cobra had swallowed the crew member. The other crew members  followed after a while. They saw the crew member’s blood on the cobra mouth.Everybody was sad.


They decided to move ahead anyway. Suddenly Captain Robert had slipped  and fell down a slope. He found an abandoned ship. There was a flag beside
it. It was a devil stabbing a human heart. Blimey! It was the legendary pirate  -Captain Blackbeard’s ship. Could there be the treasure of BlackBeard which every archaeologist wanted to find? YES IT WAS! Captain Robert could feel his heart beat beyond his chest.


When the others arrived he showed them everything but they immediately moved away and closed their eyes. Captain Robert interrogated them. One of them said there is a curse that anyone who looks at the treasure, would turn into ashes. Captain Robert’s face turned red and scolded them as they believed a curse. They got convinced by him.  Later, they helped him fix the  holes and cleared the vegetation. Then they moved the boat to the shore
and set sailing back home. Captain Robert opened the treasure chest in front  of everyone.


While they were sailing, it started to rain. Nobody cared as they were sailing back home. After some time he could see a piece of land, it was their home! They could see people there.They were happy and started celebrating.  Just then a bolt of lightning struck the ship and it burst open with flames!

The curse had come true!

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