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#SaraReads: Poem-World Parent’s Day Special #Parent’sDay


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Mehak Batra

Hello kids and parent. Your best friend Sara here. This one is a special shout out to all the wonderful parents out there, who keep us safe and warm, loved and protected. Thanks to 14 year old Mehak from Gurgaon for sending in this heartfelt poem for her parents.

#SaraReads: Poem-World Parent’s Day Special #Parent’sDay

#Parent’sDaySpecial Poem- PARENTS!

I could write epics before an ode to my parents would be complete
They have the magic in life that we never seem to achieve
It is their relentless effort to make us perfect for the world.
Their affection is just so overwhelming,
Their doting nature is like fire in the winter and food to the hungry


Fifty years from now, I would still see myself getting coaxed, caressed, and cuddled in their hands.
The shelter and comfort that is built under their compassion
For someone so naïve like me, being part of their creation
Hiding myself under their wings like bird and her eggs.


If I were to create parent’s day all together
It would be a whole year and another century to appear.
Every time they hold me close to them, we are creating memories.
Every second arguing is a moment I would later cherish.


Every day has been like thread,
Every learning has been a knit,
My parents have created a sweater to control all the plausible difficulties the world would pose on me.

4 Replies to “#SaraReads: Poem-World Parent’s Day Special #Parent’sDay”

  • Himani

    ?????…n so speaks a kid envelope in the love of her parents…parenting done tight…well written mehak…keep writing…?

  • Aarti Vig

    Beautifully written. Keep. Shining:)

  • Kajal

    Brilliant Mehak! Keep the creative juices flowing!!!!

  • Priti

    Very well written Mehak specially the last two lines loved it

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