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#SaraReads: Wrapping up #GratitudeDuringCovid

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Hey everyone. Your best friend Sara here. Weeks back I asked you to send me your thoughts on what you can be thankful for in my daily series #GratitudeDuringCovid. And you have amazed me with your writing, but more importantly gave me a reason to smile every day. As we wrap it up today, no better to read than Harini Mohan, Content Manager at Bookosmia who made this series possible- talking to parents, securing details of the young authors, sharing a laugh and much more..Over to you Harini.

#SaraReads: Wrapping up #GratitudeDuringCovid

Cheers to a Stronger Us! By Harini Mohan, Content Manager at Bookosmia.


The days are passing by, we have successfully survived major parts of  lockdown in our own ways. We have almost adapted to the new normal of being at home with shops shut, working from home, no outings to malls or movies. What a twist have we encountered in our lives!!

So, amidst the endless household chores, frantic online searches on how to engage kids in a productive way, meaningless Netflixing with a topping of the social distancing, we started the #gratitudeduringcovid series !

This was a writing platform for kids where they could pen down what they were  grateful for during this difficult time. Starting off, we were skeptical about the response we were going to get. What if we dont get enough  responses to call it a series, what if we dont get entries at all? After all, kids are rarely encouraged to speak about ‘grown-up’ topics, let alone share them with a stranger, our 10 year old Sara who promised to publish what they write.

What a surprise then to see the outstanding number of lovely entries across India and a few international ones too!! Reading each entry was like opening up a new world of possibility to stay  happy that day! This bunch of  tiny souls made me observe the little things around. And I think they opened up a lot more as they wrote to and interacted with Sara, another 10 year old just like them. Not claiming to know what is great writing or giving dos and donts of what can be said. They wrote freely and we read happily.

Often the things which are most important are the ones we take for granted. Be it basic things like food and shelter or be it family time,  helping mom and dad in the kitchen, or even taking care of loved ones. These kids had so much to thank for !


They also had many interesting ideas on how to go about a day during the lockdown, gave a little peek into an imaginary future where grandma narrates corona tales, invented special spells to kill the virus, brought the world  together as a vaccination and even spoke about self discovery and turning into oneself for happiness!

I was also lucky to connect with the parents,the interactions even though short gave me immense happiness. Being a mother to an 8 year old, I know the pride a parent feels on seeing their child’s work gets published.

Wow! What a learning experience. Sometimes kids teach us a lot of things  with their unbiased and unadulterated take on things! Even the difficult times can be made better if you look at it the right way. All this made me feel so grateful to be part of this series , inspired me to have the right attitude towards this unexpected turn of events.

I am sure now , with such thoughtful, bright and positive kids around, we sure are going to build a better place to live in!

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