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Save Nature – It’s Time To Step Up | Bookosmia


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Reyansh Bajaj
Hey people! Your friend, Sara here. 12 year old Reyansh Bajaj, a Bookosmian from Kolkata minces no words as he talks about the need to conserve the planet. Tell us what you think!
He goes to South City International School.

Save Nature – It’s Time To Step Up | Bookosmia

Save Nature - It’s time to step up

So much misuse of resources..
That the ’Ultimate’ is forced to use the forces..

Why do we uproot the shrubs, herbs and plants?
Just because the modern look of the world enchants?

Forgetting about climate’s control roles..
Is like digging our downfall holes..

The water bodies are perishing at a pace..
And we are fighting to become a developed race !

The beauties of the mountain and valley,
Have long gone, and there are a few in the tally.

Our blue earth which it used to be,
Is turning grey to black – and that had to be..

There is still time for us to act fast,
So that the beautiful species and humanity last.

We have to turn back to nature for survival,
So that the earth can start its revival.


Save Nature - It’s time to step up
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35 Replies to “Save Nature – It’s Time To Step Up | Bookosmia”

  • Ravi Bajaj

    Too good.. so this is what you were hiding from me.. proud of u son!!!

  • Shaurya chandak

    Very nice reyansh we want more wonderful authors like u ?

  • Gargi Lahiri

    Fantastic piece of work.


    Really nice, thought provoking

  • Reyansh Bajaj

    Thank you booksomia team for publishing my poem. I indeed motivates me and encouraged me to write more such articles further..

  • Bhavya Agarwal

    Too good awesome

  • Harsh Garg

    Amazing piece of work
    God Bless you?

  • Kavita jalan

    Very nice reyansh!
    Waiting for more writes up from you

  • Mamta agrawal

    Amazing poem,keep rocking,long way to go…..
    God bless you

  • Mamta agrawal

    Thoughtfully pen down,awesome work
    God bless you baby

  • Jyoti Mundhra

    Very nice reyansh proud of you….

  • Deepa

    Amazing….keep it up and make your parents feel proud..

  • Geetika Jain

    Excellent piece of writing.

  • Dhwani agarwal

    Wow amazing poem loved it

  • Amit Patodia

    Hi Reyansh,

    I really liked your this peace of literature. It contains rithum and a very important message which we know but we are brought up to be selfish and getting pleasure in consumption. The day we all will start getting pleasure in sacrifices the world will start changing.

    Think over it.

    Can we stop living in brick and mortar houses.

    Can we start drinking natural water.

    Can we stop using mortar car.

    Can we stop using electricity.

    Can we stop using mobile phones.

    Amit Patodia

  • Sruti Bajaj

    Amazing n very practical. Proud of you Reyansh Bajaj ??

  • Rajneesh

    Superb Reyansh great going keep it up

  • Aditi

    Awesome ? poem keep up the good work Reyansh

  • Nisha Bagla Khemka

    Too good.keep going.All the best

  • Raj Kumar Gupta

    Very nicely expressed, great sensitivity, good going, keep it up

  • Raj Kumar Gupta

    Nicely expressed,very sensitive, great going, keep it up

  • Aayush Agarwal

    Very good Reyansh!.. Keep it up!

  • Puja choraria

    Very good Reyansh….. Keep it up?????

  • Nikunj mundhra

    Well done Reyansh waiting more from you

  • Gaurav bajaj

    Realistic u rock bro

  • Sumit bachhawat

    Wow amazing thought about the” Mother Nature”

  • Antara

    Indeed. We still have time to act fast! Its children like Reyansh who are still hope for our planet. Lets follow, do our minimum to attain the maximum. Very well written, Reyansh. Keep it up.

  • kingsizelifeblog

    Indeed! We still have time to act fast. Children like Reyansh are our last ray of hope. Lets follow and commit. Mother Earth needs you, Reyansh. Very thought provoking poem. Kudos to your talent. Keep boosting yourself and others.

  • Krishan Luhariwala

    Tremendous and magnificent poem.
    Keep on.
    Give me a chance to read more of your poem in the future.
    You will go much further.
    God bless you.

  • Krishna Bagla

    I don’t remember the last time I read something as good as your poem.
    They make me think deep about everything.
    My words won’t be enough.
    Keep it up Champ.

  • Shalja Singhania

    Well done Reyansh.. nicely written ?

  • Sweta Agarwal

    Fabulous Reyansh. Good going. Waiting for more such writeups from you.
    God bless you!!

  • Sandip Agarwal

    Awesome Reyansh. Keep it up. Waiting for more from you.

  • Sweta Agarwal


  • Navneet

    Very nice thought Reyansh, keep it up. Work up on your grammar, needs some little improvement.
    We humans and all of us need to be less greedy and need to think of other humans, animals and the planet for it to survive. Till we just think if ourselves, it will keep deteriorating. Day by day.

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