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#Sarareads: Shades of Green


Bookosmia Spotlight

Laksha Khanna

#Sarareads. Ola, Sara here, your favourite ‘drama – athlete.’ You know I always thought that I was very special,  being able to create stories from the life of players. But today when I read this story from my 12 year old friend Laksha from Kolkata, I was blown away! Why? Cos she could create a beautiful story from scratch, about the life of colour! Read on and see for yourself.

#Sarareads: Shades of Green

Shades of green a creative story on colours by a young author from KolkataMr. Blue and Ms. Yellow got married and they had their very first baby. That baby is me. I wasn’t blue or yellow so they named me Green. Then came my sibling and they named it White. It was a funny family. Every time I hugged mom, I would turn lime green, getting close to dad turned me teal. It was crazy to go close to white, it would just fade me away.

Soon people started calling us Colors. I was found in trees and adorned the fields. People started calling all these trees and grasses “greenery” and used phrases like ‘a patch of green’ and ‘lush green’ for me. I was known to spread beauty everywhere. I was becoming an important aspect of mankind, providing them with oxygen to breathe and being the most
nutritious food items termed as ‘green veggies’. A green dot on food packaging indicated that the food was vegetarian. I was enjoying all the importance and the new phrases which mankind was associating me with. To save the Earth and environment ‘Go Green’ campaigns were
carried out far and wide.

All colors were doing their jobs. I took pride in my color because mankind talked a lot about me. All was well in our part of the world until one day in a school a girl threw green paint on another girl’s face and said,” Look you are turning ‘green with envy’.”
I freaked out. What in the world was that? Did that girl say that because the other one’s face was all green? Soon after, I started hearing this term more frequently which saddened me. I was not used to being addressed with such terms.
My dad understood my dilemma. He said that all of this was very common. Shades of green Indian kids story young author BookosmiaEven he had undergone the stress of being blue. Where on one hand blue is known for the beautiful skies, on the other hand it is symbolized as the color of worry or ‘having blues’ so to say. He told me to take all these things lightly, good and bad always co-exists.

Like it was beautifully explained by our grandfather Black “Life is not always black and white, it’s a million shades of grey.”

Well, for me life exists in ‘shades of Green’!

3 Replies to “#Sarareads: Shades of Green”

  • Preeti

    Wow, such clear thoughts and penning it into a story
    I shall ask my little one to read it to?
    Lovely Way to Go??

    • bookosmia

      Thank you Preeti. We are also amazed by Laksha.

  • Devi Menon

    We really enjoyed reading it! Very well written and kept us engaged in colours!

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