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So Different, Yet The Same | Bookosmia

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Arunima Rajesh
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 16 year old Arunima Rajesh, a Bookosmian from Gorakhpur pens a poem about someone less fortunate than her and realizes he may not be that different to her after all. Powerful!
Arunima goes to Academic Global School.

So Different, Yet The Same | Bookosmia

So different, yet the same

I saw, once, a man roaming by,
Torn and dusted clothes, he wore.
A face full of grief and sigh,
Timeless lores to unfold.

The face reminded me of a monster I saw,
On a book of gold I read,
The unbearable disgust shaking me,
Waking me from the dream I have had.

His face, a ghost of past,
still a ghost at present and the future to last.
What was this feeling I had, I pondered,
With childish innocence, as the car I was in wandered.

That face, I remember still,
The dusty old face that haunts me,
A cold shiver, a tremor, like drill,
Why, that parasite, that society flea!

I remember how I watched that day,
The monster going on his way.

Now, I know it was not the man but the thought
I had,
About the man in rag,
That he, a poor one, and me, a lad of rich,
Born so far, yet having the same end
It terrifies me–the thought that we are not that different.

So different, yet the same
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