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#SaraReads: Story- Someone different

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Does being different necessarily mean a bad thing? Should you lose out on living your dreams just because you are different? Read this fascinating tale of heartbreak and recovery, penned by 13 year old  Vashita Rungta, from Kolkata.

Dear kids, moms and dads,Bookosmia means the smell of books and we hope to make children fall in love with reading , writing and everything else around Indian stories. We believe that our little kids are perfectly perfectly capable and deserving of turning into little authors, maybe not with fancy words or perfect spellings but with some brilliant ideas!Lets start something new. Submit your own stories to us by mailing them at now serving, this wonderful story written by a star author aka Bookosmian. Best enjoyed by a parent and a child with some extra cuddles on the side.Thats how we like ours.Love,Team Bookosmia

#SaraReads: Story- Someone different

Bookosmia Kolkata story_someone different

It was the month of March. The blazing sun was shining brightly in the middle of the blue sky. My aunt had graduated and I was thrilled with joy. Now finally,  I  could play games  with her. My aunt had jet black hair and the most mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes. She aspired to be a singer. My aunt had a hearing problem so she had to wear a hearing aid at such a young age.

A few days later, my father and I escorted her to the ENT doctor for a regular  check up. The doctor checked my aunt’s ears and froze for a moment. He told us that my aunt’s ear drums were severely damaged and that she would gradually lose her ability to hear.

We were devastated on hearing this news. Tears rolled down my cheeks. My aunt was too shocked to react. We all left the room with gloomy faces. We did not speak a word while going back home. The world seemed to have turned upside down. I knew what all was going inside my aunt’s mind. She was fighting with her emotions inside and from outside she acted as if nothing had happened.

Her ambition to become a singer had just been thrown into a garbage bin.
The rest of the days were dreadful. My aunt did not come out of her room. It was like she had locked herself up. She did not have the courage to face anybody.

What can one do if such a cruel thing happens? My aunt had two choices – either she could hide in her room her entire life or come out and do her best, even if there was a chance  her dream may not come true.Thankfully, she chose  the second option.

For the next few months, my aunt spent day and night just practicing songs. Soon, she lost her hearing ability completely. She couldn’t hear what she was singing but she did not stop. We had placed a small stage like stand in her room. Soon, she found a unique way to solve her problem.

She began to stand on a table, like a stage, barefoot and then used to sing feeling the vibrations. This unique method made everybody stand up in  admiration.

One day we got a call from America. It was from the producer of ‘America’s Got Talent’ show. Would my aunt be interested to come and perform there?
My aunt smiled with happy tears. She did not feel that she was ‘ different’ than others now.

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