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Talking to the rain- Essay

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Hey there people, Sara here. Today 10 year old K. Ramnath from Chennai shares this wonderful message to save water through his essay. Read on.

Talking to the rain- Essay

One day I planted my seeds.

In Chennai, there was not enough water to get by with. I was sad and looked at the sky for the rain.


Unexpectedly rain came and my seeds started growing in to sapling. I held  some rain droplets in my hand and said, “Thank you.” The rain droplets in my hand suddenly said, “Hello.” I was shocked that rain was speaking to me, said hello back and we both became friends.

After two days, again it started raining. Again I held rain droplets in my hand. That day it looked sad.

I asked it, why are you looking sad? It said,”No one is using me properly and many are wasting me. I am going to the sea unwanted. If all use me properly, I will be very happy,” the raindrops said.

“Sorry rain, from today onward, I will start using you for many purposes,”I said.

Then rain became happy and it said thank you to me, in that familiar tone. I decided to spread the message, “Dont waste water.”

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