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Teacher, I wish I could be like you! Poem

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Laksha Khanna

Hey, Sara here! Have you all wished your teachers today? If not, here is an inspiring tribute from 13 year old Laksha Khanna from Kolkata.

Laksha is a student of Sushila Birla Girls School, Kolkata

Teacher, I wish I could be like you! Poem

I was under my mothers’ nest until I was two,
Then she handed my reins to you.
Pulling me out of my little shell
Tutoring me to sing and dance as well.

Learning went along the way
My wings were spreading day by day,
You took every step along with mine
No matter how many mistakes I made.


You never drew the line
All you ever had in mind,
Was to make me shine, shine and shine


You tapped into my potential
Your faith in me was utmost essential,
Never demanding but always pushing
Persevering but never rushing.


This is a small way by which I pay my gratitude
To all the teachers who help us with the right attitude,
My god keep blessing me mentors like you
I wish to god that one day I could be like you.

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