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Teachers are a Treasure- Poem #InternationalTeachersDay

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Vatsal Jain

Hey friends, Sara here. Yesterday 5th Oct’20 was celebrated as the International Teachers Day. While the day is over, our gratitude is not. 13 year old Vatsal Jain from Delhi shares his tribute to teachers.

Teachers are a Treasure- Poem #InternationalTeachersDay

You hold my hand and guide me all the time,
Your teaching is exemplary and your learning sublime.
I learn a lot from you and your explanations,
In us, your questions evoke contemplations!
We get to develop our minds and hearts,
You take a concept and evaluate it through arts.
We are students who come to learn,
But your methods are both engaging and fun!
Teachers are a gift, by God’s grace,
You take us through the learning phase.
Hope your blessings are always bestowed on us,
You love our enthusiasm, and we love your stimulus!
Today is the day to celebrate your contribution,
To teach and inspire, you have taken the resolution.
We are proud to identify with you and learn,
As you motivate us and teach us to achieve and yearn!


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