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#SaraReads: Story- “Thank you for saving us,” says NASA

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Dhwani Agrawal

Sara here, folks! Here is an action packed thriller from 13 year old Dhwani from Surat. Who does she end up rescuing? None other than NASA. Enjoy.

#SaraReads: Story- “Thank you for saving us,” says NASA

Finally, it was vacation time and I thought of going home and spending a whale of a time with my family. So I took a flight from Canada to Mumbai. My journey  was good but a bit mundane. After landing, I reached the baggage carousel to claim my bags where there was a person whose bag resembled mine. He took  my bag and I took his without reading the name tag. I didn’t realize, neither did  he.

When I reached home, my family warmly welcomed me. Now comes the twist. I opened the bag and realized that I took the wrong suitcase, because I saw  men’s stuff, insurance papers and a small mysterious map showing a cave. I  knew the cave well. It was located near my house but no one went there due  to its poor condition.

I was fired up to see where the map was leading to, so I got my skates on and  went to the cave. I reached the cave and to my surprise, there was a door  there! That was strange. I had never seen that before. After several attempts, I managed to open the door. After opening the door it closed automatically.

More surprise!


I was not expecting the things that were there. I was perplexed. There  were computers, equipment, wires etc. For a minute I thought that it was  a dream but I pinched myself and realized that it was not. I was constantly getting the sound of computer beeps. When I looked at each computer, I came to know  that the man with whom my suitcase was exchanged, was  going to hack the system of NASA!

‘Oh god,’ I whispered to myself. I didn’t know how to shut down the computers
permanently. Then I saw a hammer and without wasting time I broke all the computers, wires etc. The beeping stopped and I had managed to stop the  hacking but this was not the end.


I suddenly stepped on a small thing and when I saw it, I realized it was a sensor  for intruders and that whenever someone steps on it, a  bomb will explode around it. It  was too late for me to run far so I quickly ran behind a heavy  wooden table.


When I opened my eyes, I was at home and saw my mom doing my dressing. A kind looking man stood next to her. He said he was a reporter. I saw a camera   next to him. He congratulated me for stopping an evil man from hacking NASA and asked me “How did it all start?”

I said it all started when I picked up the wrong suitcase.

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