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The best bday party ever! Story

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Shaurya Jhunjhunwala

Allo allo, Sara here! 9 year old Shaurya Jhunjhunwala from Kolkata has a laugh riot ready for us, in this hilarious tale of thing going terribly wrong, in a bday party.


Shaurya is a student of La Martiniere For Boys, Kolkata

The best bday party ever! Story

It was my best friend’s birthday.


My friends and I had planned to surprise him by decorating his room. We had  informed his mother about our plan. We told his cousins to distract him while  we decorated his room.

We had arranged for cake, decoration and food. Everything was going well as  planned. Finally, it was time for him to come in the room and see the decorations. We switched off the lights.


When he entered the room, we tried to switch the lights on, but due to a  malfunction it started sparking and all the lights went off. We could not switch the light on!


In the dark room we couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, one of my friends slipped and banged onto the table. All the food and cake on the table fell down. The cake fell onto some of us. The floor became slippery because of the drinks that had spilled.


The party turned into a food fight! Everyone was throwing bits of cake all  around. Some of us slipped. Our clothes were  soiled and our faces covered  with cake.


We could not eat in a civilized way, so we ate in our own way. We rolled our  tongues all around our mouths and ate what we caught on our tongue. The food fight made the party fun. The party may be a disaster, but the person for whom the party was, said, “This is the best party ever!”


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