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The boy who loved Cricket- Read Essay with Sara


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Neharika Harikrishnan

Sara here, folks! This is such a stunning piece by 8 year old Neharika Harikrishnan from Chennai, it is hard to not reflect on what we would love to do, but cant. Ahead of this Independence Day, I hope we all can have a little more freedom to follow our dreams, even if not entirely.

Ps- Dont miss the artwork of this little writer.

The boy who loved Cricket- Read Essay with Sara

Once there lived a boy who loved cricket. It seemed as if he was born with a bat and ball. He used to breathe cricket and started playing street cricket at the age of two. By the age of five, he started playing very well.


When he was nine, one day he was practicing all alone and the ball rolled into a well, which had less water. It had pipes. Immediately he started climbing down the well with the help of the pipes. After picking the ball, he realized how deep  he had gone and saw his mother standing outside the well with a big stick. After coming out of the well, he got a nice beating from his mom.

Years passed. He had to concentrate on his studies and he couldn’t become a cricketer. Still he could not stop dreaming about playing cricket. Then he got  married to a lovable wife, who understood his dream and passion and encouraged him to play during weekends.


Though cricket was not his profession, he took it as his hobby and formed his  own corporate cricket team.

This is the story of my father. I am his daughter, Neharika, myself a cricket fan.  I would end by saying if you really want to achieve your dreams, chase it!

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3 Replies to “The boy who loved Cricket- Read Essay with Sara”

  • Aishwarya

    Nice writing… Good one..and all the best… Keep going??

  • Arthy Prem

    That’s an amazing narration, Neharika..

  • Wuh ! Superb kutti kannamma , excellent narration my best wishes.

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