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The magical marker goes missing! Story

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Bookosmia Spotlight

 Riya Bharwad

Hi there, your friend Sara here! 9 year old Riya Bharwad from Ahmedabad writes this exciting little story, which has enough action in it to be adapted into a movie!


Riya is a student of Eklavya School, Ahmedabad.

The magical marker goes missing! Story

Bang!  Budoom! Bang! 

With just a little magic and lots of hard work, the Magical Marker was invented.


Once the marker was invented, it had to be kept safely.


If it went in the wrong hands, it would be a disaster!  And that is what  happened when a notorious boy GJ, got hold of the Magical Marker. 


The magic in the marker was that whatever one drew with it became real. 


The entire city police were after GJ but seemed next to impossible to catch him. The police took help from Rick Rill, who was known for his bravery and his magical skateboard that enabled him to slide at the speed of wind and when he went near GJ he got a grip of the marker after a little tiff. 


 Rick Rill then broke the marker, so that nobody could misuse it again.


The City Police applauded Rick Rill for his bravery. 


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