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The Perfect Life- Poem

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Somrita Bhattacharjya

Hi everyone, Sara here! Here is a poem from down under. 9 year old Somrita Bhattacharjya from Sydney shares her introspection on life, complemented beautifully by a Gond artist, all courtesy Little Writers Studio.

She goes to Riverbank Public School, Sydney

The Perfect Life- Poem

Ahh, this is life, but wait is it the perfect life?
I have no clue how this has left me blue,
I must know I will go.

Whereabouts should I seek? Far? Low? At the highest peak?
Please help, or I’ll yelp, I am willing to take a risk
Promise me you’ll hold my wrist.

Oh! someone help me, I need thee.
No wait , I will not be late, I’ll be there, and I swear,
It’s my journey, I am thirsty,
I will find the perfect life, and I’ll be concise.

Read with Sara Bookosmia Gond painting


We are grateful to Little Writer’s Studio for sharing with us not only with the poem but the beautiful artwork to complement it,by Dinesh Kumar, a Gond artist from Madhya Pradesh.

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