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#SaraReads: Story-The Value of Hard Earned Money

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Aashrita Keni

Hi there, your best friend Sara is back with a meaningful and relatable story by 12 year old Aashrita from Chennai. What a valuable lesson to learn from our parents!

#SaraReads: Story-The Value of Hard Earned Money

Once there was a family. The father was a famous businessman and the son  would spend his father ‘s money uselessly. One day the father noticed and said to himself that his son does not know the value of labour, so he sent his son to a pizza place to work.

After working so hard for the week the son got 50 rupees. Then his father took the money and acted as if he was spending it, but hewas saving it.
At the end of his vacation he started crying in his bedroom. As his mother was walking by, she heard the sound and asked her son what happened. He said  that he worked hard but never saw a single penny. His father had taken over all the money without giving a single thought to how much hard work he had put in. The mother asked if it reminded him of someone.


The son realized that’s exactly how he used to behave when he would spend  his father’s hard earned money carelessly. He went to apologize to his father  and to his surprise, his father hadn’t spent his money! He had saved it all and  put it in the bank in his son’s name. The son learnt something new that day.
Although we may not always see eye-to-eye with our parents, the love and  wisdom they instill upon us is something that can never be forgotten.

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