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The wizard who collected blessings- Story


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Aaryan Vittal

Sara here, friends! 7 year old Aaryan Vittal from Bangalore has a wonderful fantasy tale of a wizard who discovered helping people also helped him.


Aaryan is a student of Ekya School, JP Nagar, Bangalore

The wizard who collected blessings- Story

Once upon a time there lived a wizard in a fancy house, in a lovely town.
One day while walking in the town, he saw a man who looked very sad.
The wizard wanted to cheer him up with some magic tricks. The man became  happy after the wizard showed the magic tricks. It was the first time he saw  someone feel so happy by his tricks.
Next day while the wizard was eating breakfast, suddenly an idea struck him.
He came home and made a lot of yummy food using his magic tricks and took it back to the town and started distributing food to people in need!!
This made him so happy.
After some time he went to his bookshelf and took out his spell book. He started reading it and soon fell asleep. He dreamt of creating a magical house  which could fly and land wherever he wished.
When he woke up, he wished his dream would come true someday.
He went ahead with his days, doing something good for people and making them happy. Sometimes he helped people with food, sometimes he cheered people with tricks, sometimes he rescued people in trouble, sometimes he wiped tears of people and made them smile.
And every time he did a good deed, he was blessed, “May all your wishes come true”!!
He used to feel happy with such blessings, while thinking that his only wish was to build a magical house which could fly!! He kept doing good things everyday and sought blessings from many people in town and one fine day his wish came true!!
He woke up in his magical house!!!!!!
He realized he lived in a magical town where people’s blessings come true when we help them in need.
Inspired by the wizard, all people tried to help each other and lived happily in the magical town!



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98 Replies to “The wizard who collected blessings- Story”

  • Geethaa

    Wonderful beginning to your journey of writing stories … all the best Aaryan

    • Aaryan vittal

      i love you amma

      • Sasirekha Velmurugan

        Dear Aaryan
        Nice story,Good writing
        Tendency to realise others tears is wonderful
        Really a fictional wizard you are…..

  • apatchirajan

    wow such a genius at such a young age! very inspired

  • Saradha

    Nice story Aaryan…positive thinking…God bless you

  • Agila Bhavanishankar

    Nice Story Aaryan ! An Inspiration to Help People in Need ??

  • Madhura

    Really fantastic story Aryan. It’s a great achievement in this age. Keep it up.*” I wish all ur Dreams Come True *”?.God bless u. Spl Wishes to Mom and Dad who are always supporting and encouraging you. Hearty Congratulations..

  • Kayathri Prem

    Awesome Aaryan ?

  • Rajani

    Proud to be your grandma Aaryan Kutti.Tears keep on coming from my eyes

  • Vijayasekaran

    Ok Aryan good. Your dream imagination as wizard doing lots to society let come true by your efforts.
    May god bless you.

  • Lawrence A

    Really great to write a story like this. Best wishes for your future development.

  • Pallavi

    Very nice story Aaryan .. proud of you for having such a great attitude of helping others in such a young age..

  • Ariyamaan

    Brilliant…..!! Keep reading more books….very keen to read more stories of yours….very inspiring…. thank you….

  • Pradeep

    Good story Aaryan… truly I inspired after reading this story … best of luck and keep writing..

  • Rekha rajan

    Very good Aaryan.. keep it up … All the very best ..


    Superb .. young writer .. keep it up ..

  • M.Govindan

    Really enjoyed it Aaryan.Very
    Your Creative activity.God

  • Valli

    Nice story Aaryan….. All the best …

  • Anoop Macmillan

    Lovely story Aaryan. Hope you also will be like the Wizards who helps people in need. God bless you champion

  • Anoop Macmillan

    Lovely story Aaryan. Hope you will also be a person like that Wizard who helps people in need. God bless you Champion

  • tanvidhanu

    Good Aryan keep it up,

  • Kavitha

    Nice story Aaryan. God Bless U Baby

  • Kanya Palanikumar

    Wow aaryan baby…amazing story…proud of you darling…wishing you all success baby

  • Navya

    May God shower u his blessings of love best of luck Aaryan??

  • M.Govindan

    Thank you all for the nice words ?????

  • Somasundaram

    Very nice story keep it up Aaryan

  • Vasavi

    Nice lovely story Aaryan god bless you bujju All the best

  • Sindhu

    Wow lovely story Aryan??

  • Harini Srinivasan

    Beautifully written Aaryan. Viaan enjoyed reading it.

  • Jeyashree N

    Inspiring story Aaryan. Keep up the creativity

  • Ranju

    Very creative story Aaryan. Keep it up

  • Shubha

    Very nice story with a good moral . May all your dreams also come true

  • Shwetha V Pai

    Wonderful story Aaryan. Who inspired you to write such a beautiful story?

    • Aaryan vittal

      Thank you i wrote it by imagination

  • Simman

    Super bro…you are the best bro…you nailed it…simman

  • Manjunath J

    Good story bro.. keepi going!?

  • Chandra

    Such beautiful story . It’ has things that adults can learn too. All the best Aaryan,

  • Sanjeev

    Lovely writing Aaryan! The twist at the end was amazing! Keep at it boy!

  • Simman

    Super bro…you are the best bro…you nailed it…simman

    • Aaryan vittal

      Thank you bro 🙂 always stay happy your family should become well take care you are the best brother i ever had!!

  • sakthimani

    nice story cute Aaryan

  • Sanjeev

    Very Nice Story Aaryan, interesting to read! Good Job?

  • Nice story Jr Vittal
    Creative budding star

  • Sivachandran

    Amazing work Aaryan. Such a gifted talent at young age! May you inspire other kids and be a role model as always

  • Mamatha

    Nice story Aaryan. You have inspired me and my kids. Bless you kid

  • Kavinkumar

    Very Nice Aaryan . Keep Rocking….?

  • Bhavani Shankar

    Awesome story aaaryu.. you are a blessed soul and wish you all the best for your wonderful journey ahead

  • Kanya

    Superb Aaryan … keep going…your imagination of doing good to the society through wizard is really appreciable ?

  • Shruti

    Lovely story Aaryan. Great thinking. Keep it up. Would like to hear more such from you ?.

  • Krithika Swaminathan

    Beautiful story Aaryan ! What a thoughtful wizard and what a great story ! Hope you continue to write many such excellent stories !

  • Samarth Dama

    Awsome book Aaryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shruthi

    Great story Aaryan with a nice message at the end! Keep writing! Bless you!

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