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To My Papa- Poem

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Pratyusha Chakraborty 

Allo allo, Sara here! 12 year old Pratyusha Chakraborty from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai dedicates this heartfelt poem to her dad.  Here is to an eternal bonding with our super Dads!


Pratyusha goes to Ryan International School, Navi Mumbai

To My Papa- Poem

Fathers are like friends
Always sweet and kind,
They can heal your pain
And find out whatever you hide.
                                Fathers are fighters
                                They fight for us,
                                No matter what happens,
                                They will never break our trust.
I m glad you are my dad
You are one in million pops,
You will never make me sad,
And will never ever sob.
                                   You have taught me things,
                                   You are the best.
                                   You can solve anything in a minute,
                                   If I have a quest.
Sometimes you are little harsh
Sometimes you are little strict,
But you are true full
And that’s the trick of you.
                                    I love you Dad
                                    I have faith in you,
                                    Thank you so much
                                    I am lucky to have a father like you.


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