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Treadmill- An Autobiography

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Sanvi Atul Sharma
Hey friends! Sara, here. Whoa! Your autobiographies of objects are making them come alive! Here’s 10 year old Sanvi Atul Sharma, a Bookosmian from Kolkata, with an absorbing first person account of a very caring treadmill!
Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing her creativity.

Treadmill- An Autobiography

I am a treadmill. My life began in a factory in Kolkata. My body was painted grey, blue and black all over. Then I was transported to a shop named VS Fitness. I waited eagerly everyday for someone to buy me.

One day, a little girl named Sanvi and her parents came to this shop to buy a pull-bar. They had found what they wanted. Then the shopkeeper started showing all his fitness items such as cycles and treadmills. He was praising every single thing in his shop, especially me, as I was the latest model.

Treadmill story kids bookosmia

I had a music system in me, and despite these features, I was affordable. I began getting nervous and excited. I kept thinking ‘What if they buy me?’

As Sanvi’s dad had gained quite a lot of weight, he decided to buy me! So, they took me home and placed me in the hall, (not in any room as I was space consuming) in front of the television.

treadmill story for kids bookosmia

The next morning, Sanvi’s father switched me on and my music- I felt full of energy as he started running. After about half an hour, he stopped. He was covered with sweat. Every day he ran on me for 25- 30 minutes. In a month or so, there was a huge difference, he had started getting fit!

treadmill story kids bookosmia

I feel so happy that I actually helped someone get fit. I hope I’ll be helping people like this my whole life!


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