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UFO Day – Aliens At The Picnic | Bookosmia

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S Sivakumaran
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Today is International UFO Day! A day to truly bring in those conspiracy theories. 11 year old S Sivakumaran, a Bookosmian from Chennai writes an intriguing story of a picnic that sees her meet rabbits on a space ship!
He goes to NSN Memorial school, Chitlapakam.

UFO Day – Aliens At The Picnic | Bookosmia

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Yasmin. She asked her parents to take her on a picnic. So, Yasmin and her family went for a picnic.


UFO DAY - Aliens at the picnic


Yasmin and her sister Jasmine were playing football. Jasmine kicked the ball hard and it rolled into the bushes nearby. Yasmin went inside the bushes and saw the ball but she couldn‘t pull it out.

Suddenly, she was pulled by a creature. When she woke up, she saw some rabbits in a spaceship.

UFO DAY - Aliens at the picnic

She was scared because the rabbits were aliens. Then she saw that the spaceship had disappeared and a grass land had come. Then she understood that she had gone underground.  Somehow she managed to climb up and reached back to the picnic spot.

She came to her parents and told them all about her adventure. But her parents said that she was dreaming.

When she came home with the ball, she started to sleep. She saw her ball walking on the steps. She got up and ran behind it.

UFO DAY - Aliens at the picnic

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