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Vacation Plans – From Thailand to Paris | Bookosmia


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Raghav Agarwala
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 14 year old Raghav Agarwala, a Bookosmian from Nagaon, Assam has travel on his mind! We are loving his travel plans! What place would you love to visit?
He goes to Chinmaya International Residential School.

Vacation Plans – From Thailand to Paris | Bookosmia


Vacation plans - From Thailand to Paris

Every morning when the sun shines,

My imagination comes to play.

Jet-skiing in the vast seas of Maldives,

In Buddha temples of Thailand, I wish to pray!

Viewing Paris from Eiffel tower’s peak

From the Flyer, it’s Singapore I see.

Roasting marshmallows with Siberian huskies

Or maybe not, it’s too risky…

The adventure starts when I go off the map!

With a dog, some friends and loads of chit-chat,

Discover wonders and magical mysteries,

Among attractive flowers and majestic trees.

After all my plans are plotted

I rush to mom to tell her my desires.

But there are so many of them; which one to start from?

Ah! The Hawaiians.

Vacation plans - From Thailand to Paris


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11 Replies to “Vacation Plans – From Thailand to Paris | Bookosmia”

  • Anubha Agarwala

    What an imagination!! This boy really wants to explore the world…

  • Nand

    Very nice !!

  • Aparna Shah

    Plan beautifully penned ?

  • Alisha

    Superb ?

  • Nidhi Lohia

    Too good !!

  • Ranjeeta

    Depth of imagination presented beautifully

  • Rashmi Agarwal

    Poetic rendition of his desires….great ?

  • Seema agarwalla

    Superb , loved it ?

  • Savita jhunjhunwala

    Great info n well placed in his imagination!

  • Priya Agarwal

    Even I ve fallen for his travelling love ?


    Osm travelling plan ??

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