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What is love? A 12 year old answers- Poem


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Tanvi Athipalli

Hey there, your friend Sara here! 12 year old Tanvi Athipalli from Bangalore shares what she feels love is all about!


Tanvi is a student of PSBB LLA School, Bangalore

What is love? A 12 year old answers- Poem

What is LOVE?
The most beautiful thing is love
Because it sets you free as a flying dove,
May it be your family or friends,
They will always make you laugh out loud
And make you feel like a joyful cloud!
It may be a bond between two brothers
Or a relationship with a few others,
Love makes you feel strong
And ring loud, like a gong!
Love is not forbidden
Maybe, it’s hidden,
It may be unseen
But it always makes you keen!
At the end, we can conclude
That love isn’t a feeling
But is a bond that connects two ends,
And that bond is strong, it will never break.

2 Replies to “What is love? A 12 year old answers- Poem”

  • Madhurima Bagaria

    Wow its inspiring

  • Victoria Florence

    That’s soo beautiful. Loved it…?

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